Beverly Hills Shaman Lovers Love Loving
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Beverly Hills Shaman Lovers Love Loving
Beverly Hills Shaman - Preview Season 1 - Revelatory Audio excerpts MP3's w/Q&A highlight Merrie Lynn's romp into fun-loving alchemy. "We are all shamans", and Merrie Lynn provides evidence - " BE Real...Paranormal is Normal".
A journey into Loving & Intimacy - Set your Love Frequency. Ignite Yin-Yang - Feminine - Masculine balance.
Playground 4 Lovers Part 1 & Part 2.

  • Course Includes 4 MP3's.
  • Awaken Intimacy. Playtime Intimacy.
  • Rekindle a worn-out relationship, or find love anew.
Bounce Into Freedom - MP3 BE Real, Laugh, Love Course
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Bounce Into Freedom - MP3 BE Real, Laugh, Love Course
Bounce Into Freedom.... If you could change one thing right now...what would it be? Not sure...Bounce into Knowing what you Know.

  • Uncover the shadow, the light ... your truth of what you truly long for.
  • Access infinite wisdom, and gain courage to use it.
  • Imagination expands into realms of possibility - manifesting authentic presence - YOU!
BE Real Laugh Love Course - A Multidimensional interactive experience. Merrie Lynn brings Byron's mystical tools to you. See, perceive, and intuit infinite possibilities. Eliminate procrastination, doubts, second guessing.
"Praise, Amazement, Gratitude" is the shout-out from participants globally.

BE Real Laugh Love - 7 Modules Life Altering Course PDF & MP3's

  • Byron's enlivened healing tools are practical for everyday living.
  • Experience soul connectors to infinite intelligence - beyond body & mind.
  • BE Real = Laughter & Love.
  • His message reveals - Spirit doesn't die.
Crunch It - MP3 Divine Activists - Awaken Course
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Crunch It - MP3 Divine Activists - Awaken Course
Crunch It - brings clarity, courage, and conviction - to live in Harmony.

Drop old Habits, beliefs and get on with your life.
  • Regain sense of balance, calm, invigorate energy field.
  • Weigh up what really counts to you - Clear and delete emotional debris
  • Share and Practice 'Crunch It' with family, friends, co-workers.
Divine Activists Awaken Course. 'You were born with a purpose to fulfill in this Life'
Claim your gifts and activate them with divine purpose.

  • Alchemy of Truth awakens your natural state of being.
  • Empowering magical creative impulses -
  • Healer within you emerges - heal yourself, share with others