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Merrie Lynn Ross – is an internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning filmmaker, actress, and author of 8 books. Starring in 35+ TV & films she is known as daytime’s first comedienne; giggling her way into 26 million viewer’s hearts on ABC's "General Hospital"

A renowned child advocate, honored by Presidents’ Clinton and George W, she worked with Oprah at the Presidential Summit.

Merrie Lynn co-created “Morph America” and “Peace Smarts” curriculum's: serving over two million families, students, and teachers to create a peace culture inside/out, from the classroom to practicing Unity in Community. Her brainchild “Stand For Children” hosted 300,000 participants at Lincoln Memorial, led by Children’s Defense Fund

Born clairaudient and clairvoyant, Merrie Lynn is a catalyst of body, mind, spiritual healing. She spontaneously intuits what is needed in the moment. Her lighthearted essence imbues a sense of well-being in the many people she works with. After a personal tragedy and discovering a way back to living in purpose, Merrie Lynn is guided to share her healing and life altering recipes. With a contagious joyous energy she proves to be a beacon of light for everyone she meets.

Merrie Lynn is an international speaker and group facilitator, founder of MerrieWay Community that provides workshops, from Girl Scouts to venues in at-risk communities. She has served beside indigenous and opinion leaders globally and recently received Gold Coast Film Fest’s Visionary Award, and WMIFF’s Lifetime Achievement Award in Washington, DC.

Additional Info’ on 3 of Merrie Lynn’s 8 Books

“Bounce Off The Walls – Land On Your Feet” is a transformational book to morph Havoc and Hassles in Harmony and Happiness”. #1 Best Seller, “The Bully Solution – Peace Smarts for youth and parents is a quantum guide to living in Peace and becoming a PeaceMaker. “Life As An Improv’’ is an inspirational guide to embrace the joy of full-blast living.


Imagine YOU living authentically and expanding the creative life force within! MerrieWay's reality-breaking road-map redefines, reboots, and redirects your life - evolving your highest potential.

Discover magical, practical, life altering tools: Innovative meditation and visualization techniques, quantum learning methods ignite the genius within. Stress and habit busters illuminate and activate multi-demensional energetics.
Inspiration ignites true joy and peace bringing the miraculous into daily living.

In Praise of “MerrieWay & Merrie Lynn Ross” Team

“I’ve watched you...You are doing a great job.”
Oprah Winfrey

“Merrie Lynn Ross, it is an honor to present you with the Humanitarian Peace Award’ for your dedication, visionary insight, and the hope you give parents and children to create a world of unity and peace.“
4 Worlds 4 Peace

“Peace Smarts saved my life, I was 13- years-old, using drugs and hanging out with the wrong people. Thank you for mentoring me, and helping to turn my life around.“
Jeremy K. 11th grade.

“Girl Scouts have benefited across the nation, learning ethical tools in the “Peace Smarts” curriculum. Merrie Lynn, unanimous kudos for your inspirational energy to help our families grow strong.”
Sheila Lewis, Girl Scouts of America

“Merrie Lynn your anti-bully project is needed in our schools and community. Keep the plan rolling forward.”
Sheriff Lee Baca, Los Angeles County

Described as, "A magical playground, where imagination Morphs 21 Century Havoc into "YES... I love my life"