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Beverly Hills Shaman
Beverly Hills Shaman

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Beverly Hills Shaman - Preview Season 1 - Revelatory Audio excerpts! MP3's w/Q&A
"We are All Shaman's!" Merrie Lynn produces evidence: "BE Real - Paranormal is Normal"

Beverly Hills Shaman TV - Merrie Lynn Ross stars as the Beverly Hills Shaman... a romp into a fun-loving multidimensional world. Wacky characters intermingle with experts - from scientists to meta-physicians. Everyday folks & YOU share foibles & good news. Celebs entertain - in our Mystical Playground for authentic Living.
Weekly Episodes:
Merrie Lynn guides proactive alchemy: Segments Include: 'Village-raising' 21st Century healthy kids. 'Teen Creative Corner': Highlight quest for autonomy. 'Super Hero Challenge': Archaic social systems are trumped by holistic and sustainable action - solution based ala Ralph Nader. Healing & reeling from birth to menopause and beyond, our upturn world keeps us guessing what mishap or miracle could possibly happen next. Bouncing life's Flips... Merrie Lynn and her guests divinely land on their feet...or butt.

Beverly Hills Shaman Teaser