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Divine Activists - Awaken Course
Divine Activists - Awaken Course

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Divine Activists Awaken Course. 'You were born with a purpose to fulfill in this Life'
Imprinted with special gifts and talents that are uniquely yours. Discover, unleash, and share your soul calling with the world. Claim your gifts and activate them with divine purpose.

Lightbollt Alchemy awakens your natural state of being. Empowering magical impulses - The Healer within you emerges - heal yourself, share with others.

Revamp status-quo beliefs and limiting illusions. Access divine soul imprint - why you are here? Lifetimes of pain, doubt, confusion melt into trust and clarity of vision.
Expand your capacity to see the unseen and to uptone your relationship to self, others, and events. Embrace you rLighthearted presence. Connect to the infinite Matrix field..create sustainability, focus on body, mind, spirit and activate upliftment... your divine legacy.